We aim to take you on a trip so you can recharge and unwind far away from home while gaining lifelong experiences


Instead of typical tourist destinations, we show you the real authenticity of a particular region so you can get to know the life and culture of local people.


We believe that each of our travel experiences is an opportunity to improve our knowledge, broaden our horizon and stimulate our mind. In this spirit, we organize unique English language educational tours and courses with interactive and creative programmes.


  • Unique travel experiences in a small-group setting
  • Interactive and creative programmes, fun atmosphere
  • The possibility to learn English from native teachers in an inspirational environment with communication-centred methodology
  • Authentic experiences that ordinary travel packages lack, immersion in the local culture
  • An opportunity to meet similarly broad-minded people


We recommend our Travel & Learn tours to YOU, regardless of your age or language background if

  • you are fed up with the endless treadmill of your professional and/or private life
  • you would like to share your travel experience with open-minded people
  • you are willing to go off the beaten path
  • you are open to learn new things, see new places and meet new people
  • you want to have fun :)


To make the joint experience of education and quality travel available in the international market.


To be able to fill a gap in the market by providing the complex experience of lifelong learning and travelling, with continuously expanding destinations on offer.

To offer an alternative to ordinary language courses in Hungary and abroad by providing context for language learning based on social interactions and natural acquisition.

To offer an alternative to ordinary package tours and individual travel by providing a multi-faceted, value-creating travel style.



After obtaining a Master’s degree in English and History, I have gained experience in teaching English and working in educational management for years. I have always been obsessed with Anglo-Saxon culture, and organized trips together with my students, friends and family.
As a qualified tour guide and an experienced English teacher, I find it imporant that during the trips we always have time for a Bristol sherry tonic, a lot of laughs and teaching plenty of new English expressions.

Humour: 101%
Passion for a slice of carrot cake with a cappuccino: 100%
Ability to miss a quiz night or football match with the locals: 0%


I graduated from the Budapest Business School in tourism and hospitality management in English. I have always been amazed by travelling and its ability to stimulate our minds and light up our senses.
As a qualified tour guide and a music enthusiast, I find it important that during the trips we always have time for good photographs, a little relaxation and trying every piano we come accross.

Humour: 101%
Passion for a pint of silky stout: 100%
Ability to quietly listen to ’Wild rover’: 0%

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Saint Augustine